Steel Detailing Services

Steel Drafting use a fully computerised detailing system called Strucad. This software allows the detailer to build a complete 3D model of the Structure eliminating any potential errors and clashes. Steel Drafting is able to supply all relevant information required for ordering, fabrication and erection.

Shop Drawings

Steel Drafting produce a range of shop drawing from Fabrication, Assembly,General Arrangements, Holding Down Bolt and Fitting Drawings. From the 3D model we are able to produce Material lists, Bolt lists, Purlin ordering list and many other reports. Other services offered range from advanced bill of materials to conversion of fitting drawings to DXF format for use in CNC cutting machines.

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Strucad is able to produce a wide variety of reports from the 3D model. Reports can be customized to suit individual needs of clients, from drawing lists, assembly lists, fittings lists, bolt lists, shipping lists, Purlin lists and many many more.

Free Software

Strucad provides free software to our clients that allows them to view the 3D model built by our detailers. From the 3D model users are able to view and print the fabrication, assembly and fitting drawing that have been issued for fabrication. Being able to view the 3D model and Shop drawing in the workshop or on the job site improves efficiency throughout the entire process.

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Fabrication Management System

Click here to download instructions on how to use the Strucad Viewer (Powerpoint is required to view this file)

Click here to download instructions on how to use the StruCad Drawing Viewer (Powerpoint is required to view this file)

Strucad can generate data that can be utilized by management information systems like GoData produced by Acecad Software.

The GoData Fabrication Management System offers the latest processing, tracking and reporting facilities to the structural steel industry. GoData streamlines the fabrication process by providing seamless interaction between departments, suppliers and clients. Advanced technology makes real-time progress reports available anytime, anywhere around the world.

International Services

With the aid of our website clients are able to download drawings from our server anytime from anywhere in the world, allowing Steel Drafting to provide detailing sevices to clients world wide.

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